Giving Compass Take:

· Journalist and education advocate Roland S. Martin says the debate over whether charter schools and school choice should end because ultimately, children are learning.

· Martin notes that some solutions will work and others won't. How can donors determine which efforts to fund? Start by looking at evidence and connecting with experts in the field.

· Read more about the debate over charter schools and school choice

Let me just get right to the point: I am sick and tired of this silly, pathetic and nonsensical debate when it comes to whether charter schools or school choice should exist.

Pick an argument against this. Take your time. I’ve heard every single one of them. And all of them are utterly irrelevant.

The only issue that matters to me when it comes to education in America is whether our kids are learning. It really is that simple.

For far too long, we have operated as if public education can only be delivered one way. I categorically reject that idea because there is nothing in our society that is delivered one way. Packages, health care, college education, air travel, rental car companies; we have choice.

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