Without a true passion and commitment to the work, nonprofit leaders don't last long. A long-term career in the field requires dedication to an organization’s cause and a willingness to keep at it if and when things get tough.

Whether a professional has been in the industry since the start or they’ve transitioned after a career in the for-profit space, there is recognition on all sides of how much this career can change the way a person views their own power and the power of constituents being served. Below, 16 Forbes Nonprofit Council members share stories of what made them join the nonprofit sector and the impactful lessons they have learned along the way.

  1. Enjoy The Opportunity To Make A Real Impact
  2. Acknowledge The Power Individuals Have
  3. Set Shared Goals To Empower Communities
  4. Focus On Connecting Directly With Those Being Served
  5. Self-Reflect On Your Desires
  6. Revisit Your 'Why' Regularly
  7. Make A Difference Through Collaboration
  8. Uplift And Recognize The Work Of Your Team
  9. Listen And Learn From Students
  10. Be Willing To Take On Creative And Tough Tasks
  11. Maintain A Purpose And Vision
  12. Make Time For Self-Care
  13. Invest In Others
  14. Aim To Help Those In Need
  15. Make It Worthwhile For Others To Donate
  16. View Challenges As Potential Opportunities

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