In 2009, Doris Leung left her career in journalism to launch a transportation service designed for persons with mobility issues. She had been mulling over the idea for several years—her mother was confined to a wheelchair due to a brain tumor, and Leung had become aware of the many challenges illnesses could present.

She was surprised to discover that not only was there no transportation service designed specifically for the disabled in Hong Kong, there wasn’t such a service anywhere else, at least none that she could find. She thought this was rather amazing given the growing elderly populations in so many nations.

She pursued her idea with several partners, including Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), a venture philanthropy organization that supports social enterprises, and the owner of a taxi license, and was finally ready to open for business in 2011. She called the company “Diamond Cab” because her mother liked diamond earrings, but also because she wanted to remind the disabled that they were precious and valued, and she wanted to bring some “sparkle” into their lives.

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