You'll find information here on how GiveWell works. The pages linked below describe how GiveWell identifies and vets our recommended charities, as well as commonly asked questions about our research process. They also discuss our commitment to transparency in our work and the internal evaluations of GiveWell that have been conducted.

We complete two types of evaluations:

  • Internal reviews of our progress over the past year, focusing on the research we’ve completed, growth in the organization, and key metrics such as donations influenced and web traffic. A full list of these reports is available at our Progress to Date page.
  • In the past, we have conducted external assessments of the quality of our research, focusing on the quality of our methodology, the usefulness of our recommendations, and the accuracy of our findings. We have asked two types of individuals to complete these assessments: subject matter experts (often academics who work in relevant fields) and individual donors (the types of people likely to use our research to decide where to give).

Click here to access Givewell Self-evaluation Toolkit