Selecting the right grantee partners is one of the most important jobs grantmakers do. But it is hard

to tell from a written proposal whether an applicant represents a good fit and a smart investment for your foundation. You may want to learn more about the potential grantee’s strategy and goals, its track record, its reputation and leadership, its programs and their outcomes, its finances, and the capacities and skill sets it brings to its work.

The challenge for you as a grantmaker is to learn as much as you can about potential grantees without asking for more information than you really need and, as a result, placing an added burden on the nonprofit organizations you work with.

This new publication, Due Diligence Done Well: A Guide for Grantmakers, includes some of the same information as the original tool, but the material has been updated to reflect new learning about effective due diligence. The newer content is based on recent research by GEO and Project Streamline, as well as La Piana Consulting’s numerous consultations with grantmakers on the topic.

Download the complete PDF guide from La Piana Consulting and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations.