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· Writing for Doctors Without Borders, Trish Newport reflect on her experience with the current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the second-worst epidemic noted in world history. 

· What efforts are being made to address this ongoing epidemic? How can donors help?

· Read more about the ongoing battle against Ebola and why it continues to spread.

I remember 24 July 2018 so clearly. It was the day the ninth Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was declared over.

During the outbreak in the western province of Equator, I had worked managing MSF's vaccination project. It was the first time that the currently experimental Ebola vaccine was used at the beginning of an outbreak to try and help control its spread.

It has been a long, painful, deadly year for the population living in the Ebola-affected areas in the DRC

The outbreak lasted less than three months, and I remember crying with joy and hope on 24 July when it was declared over. I naively thought that with this great vaccine the world would never have to face a large Ebola outbreak again.

As has happened so many times in my humanitarian life, I was very wrong.

One week after the ninth Ebola outbreak in the DRC was officially over, the start of the tenth Ebola outbreak was declared – this time in North Kivu, a province in the northeast of the country.

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