In episode 31 of the Impact India podcast, I chat with Jitenda and Shivani Sinha, co-founders of SAI Sustainable Agroforestry.

SAI Sustainable Agro is a social venture working to improve the livelihoods of tribal and marginalized farmers in Odisha, India, using agroforestry to redevelop degraded land.

The goal: to develop a truly inclusive and sustainable business model that uplifts marginalized people and farmers worldwide.

Jitendra is a veteran of the agricultural industry in India and a passionate social entrepreneur. His diverse career has included serving as International Chief Technical Advisor to UNDP/GEF and Ministry of Agriculture to the Government of Iran.

In 2019, he co-founded SAI-Social Purpose Corporation (SAI-SPC) in America, and has been replicating his agroforestry model across Africa in Uganda, Ghana and South Africa.

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