Giving Compass' Take:

· Education Dive discusses the changes and challenges made to assessments and measuring progress under the Every Student Succeeds Act. 

· How is overall student progress and success measured under ESSA? How can assessments meet their potential? 

· Learn five things about the Every Student Succeeds Act

Q: How does ESSA change the game for assessment?
A: Under NCLB, a single score represented student achievement. While there is certainly value in summative assessment, a more holistic picture of student accomplishment reflects both on-grade achievement and overall growth during the year, as well as considering non-traditional factors. ESSA encourages a broader view of educational success.

Q: What kinds of assessment can now be considered?
A: Summative assessment still plays a role, but measuring student achievement is no longer limited to a single test at the conclusion of the school year that defines your success and determines your funding. ESSA expands accountability measures to include both achievement and growth, which can help show that even students who are not yet on grade level have improved—sometimes dramatically—from where they started the school year.

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