Scott Sibbel is a fifth generation, young Iowa farmer following in the family tradition of small, sustainable farming on Sibbel Family Farm (SFF) south of Carroll, Iowa. SFF has been in Sibbel’s family since 1919 when his family immigrated from Germany. He is an independent rancher and farmer committed to raising hogs and cattle in accordance with Niman Ranch’s high standards and strict protocols and has been selling hogs to Niman Ranch since 2006. In 2016, Sibbel won the Farmer of the Year Award from Niman Ranch, the ten-year farmer award in 2017, and won the fifth place meat quality award in 2014.

Food Tank spoke with Scott about his small family farm and how his partnership with Niman Ranch is helping change the way consumers in the United States buy and eat meat.

Food Tank: How are you helping to build a better food system?

Sibbel: The way I farm is helping to build a better food system. I raise hogs and cattle for Niman Ranch, meaning they are antibiotic free with no added hormones. The animals are raised in an environment where hogs are able to act like hogs, and cattle are able to act like cattle.  Our use of good husbandry practices and heritage genetics produces some of the best tasting meat. I also employ sustainable farming practices with the livestock and crop ground, which is good for the animals and land.

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