Founded in 1987, Food Runners combats the problem of food waste in the San Francisco community. Committed to helping those in need, Food Runners transports food from participating businesses and restaurants to local agencies working to end hunger in the city.

Food Runners is now expanding their mission to include educating people from all walks of life about nutrition, food waste, food security, and sustainability. Here, my team set out to design a solution that would benefit all involved parties. By addressing the current issues with the food donation process and researching the impact of doing so, we designed a solution to help make Food Runners’ goal a reality.

The primary feature of our solution included a partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), allowing food donation and food waste education programs at local San Francisco elementary schools. To build awareness, we planned to announce our partnership on participating schools’ websites (or main form of communication with students and families) as well as the official Food Runners web page.

The programs would have an aspect of education and allow participants to easily help in reducing food waste throughout their households and communities. Donors could also relax knowing that the Good Samaritan Act of 1996 waves all liability on their food donations. We also considered the stakeholders and some of the benefits they each might gain from participating in this program.

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