...For how long Bezos chooses to be charitable, and no matter whether his philanthropy is wildly unconventional or follows a more traditional path, I hope that he bears in mind these five rules of philanthropy that will help ensure the greatest impact for his investment:

1. Avoid the trap of what I call “delusional altruism.” This happens when a philanthropic investor truly wishes to make a difference but gets in his or her own way by creating needless internal or external barriers.

2. Focus on transformations. When you get right down to it, meeting almost every human need involves some sort of system.

3. Create thoughtful, efficient, optimized processes.

4. Consider what’s “best” about a best practice.

5. Learn constantly and consistently. Every philanthropist should remember to learn as they go, from both their own experiences and the experiences of others.

Bezos and many other incredibly intelligent people like him are poised to do great things to improve the lives of others and the society we all share. By adopting these five rules early in their philanthropic endeavors, they can ensure maximum, lasting impact.

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