Giving Compass' Take:

• Tom Vander Ark at Getting Smart describes four trends in learning: Contribution, immersive learning, success skills, and guidance. 

• How are these trends seen in classrooms in your community? Are these trends advancing youth development?

• Here are three on significant, ongoing trends in education data. 

My last post reviewed four ‘mega trends’ that are reshaping global education. This post considers four emerging trends tied to each of those: a focus on contribution, immersive learning, a focus on success skills, and thoughtful guidance.

  1. Contribution: “Everyone deserves an education that is about their own development as a human being,” said Peter Senge. “The purpose of education is for me to become me in the context of the society in which I live, so I can truly contribute to my society.”
  2. Immersive Learning: Powerful learning experiences are often immersive. A growing number of K-12 schools are leveraging the power of place to explore the ecological, cultural and economic aspects of a community.
  3. Success Skills: Many new outcome frameworks (the first global mega trend cited) prioritize agency and collaboration—that is, the ability to manage yourself and your relationships.
  4. Guidance. The employment landscape is being transformed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and there’s been an explosion of associated secondary and postsecondary learning options.

Read the full article about four emerging trends in learning by Tom Vander Ark at Getting Smart.