Giving Compass' Take:

• In this video, experts focused on the inequities of the U.S. health system and provide four main ways for health innovation to address these challenges. 

• How can philanthropists better support health innovators and their ideas?

• Read more about philanthropy focused on equity within the health system. 

The debate about U.S. health care can seem never-ending, but Health Innovators Fellows are working to break through the noise. Last week, members of the Health Innovators Fellowship’s third class shared how they are addressing injustices in U.S. health care at Aspen Ideas: Health 2019. Their session, “And Justice for All,” focused on inadequate treatments, unjust conditions in American communities, physician burnout, and the transactional nature of patient care.

Read on for four ways these Health Innovators are bringing “justice for all” to U.S. health care.

  1. Eating Our Way to a Cure
  2.  Increasing Health Care Engagement in Low-Income Communities
  3. Shifting from Granola and Yoga to Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Solutions
  4. Putting the “Care” Back into Patient Care

Read the full article about health innovators at The Aspen Institute.