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· In an effort to help students focus on school and avoid tech addiction, France has banned smartphone usage during school starting in September, Business Insider reports.

· Should smartphones be allowed in school? Are phones a distraction for students in class? 

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Starting this school year, French students won't be seeing much of their phones during the day.

France just passed a smartphone ban for students up to 15 years old that will go into effect in September, the Agence France-Presse reports. Schools with students older than 15 can choose whether to impose a phone ban. The country had already enacted a smartphone ban during class hours, but this legislation will extend to breaks and meal times, effectively completely banning smartphones from schools with students under the age of 15.

The law requires that schools either prohibit smartphones or have students turn them off during the day. There will be exceptions for students with disabilities, or if smartphones are needed for extracurricular activities.

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