From participants, here are 20 ways funders and nonprofits can work together, starting today, to be more intentional about building relationships with our mission partners:

  1. Share mistakes
  2. Get to know each other like I know my friends
  3. Engage each other with radical candor
  4. Be less defensive and open to bigger pictures beyond individual programs
  5. Take risks
  6. Be strategic
  7. Listen
  8. Learn
  9. Be open to multiyear funding
  10. Be human-centered in how we design our work
  11. Connect each other to resources
  12. Be intentionally educational
  13. Have open communication
  14. Be interactive and feedback-friendly
  15. Adapt to change
  16. Don’t always be rushed; take time to be relaxed
  17. Engage for the longer term
  18. Build on common interests
  19. Keep each other informed
  20. Be easy-going

What would you add to this list?

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