When many investors — especially those with a focus on impact, equity and resilience — think about the opportunity to invest with a dual climate and gender lens, their starting point is emerging markets. That’s largely due to the greater amount of storytelling that has been done about the opportunities for growth and impact in this context.

But gender can be a source of rich market opportunity and impact in developed markets such as North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, and Australia and New Zealand, too. That could mean investing in female innovators and entrepreneurs that other investors are missing due to narrow networks or implicit bias; working with investee companies to make sure products, teams and supply chains reflect the full communities they serve; or leveraging gender and other forms of diversity as a way to deepen environmental and social impact.

What’s more, these economies’ wealth, technology capacity, consumer power and global influence can make this context particularly powerful when it comes to scaling solutions, reaching new markets and creating economic, climate and societal impact that goes beyond the initial investment itself.

GenderSmart and Kite Insights recently published a new report looking at the opportunity to invest with a dual climate and gender focus in more developed economies. The report highlights funds, businesses and accelerators approaching climate and gender from a variety of examples, showing a wealth of exciting opportunities for savvy investors.

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