Giving Compass' Take:

• According to Benjamin Laker, the urgency to keep nonprofits alive and serving communities has reached an all-time high during coronavirus.

• What can you do to keep nonprofits alive right now and after the coronavirus has run its course? 

• Learn more about the unparalleled necessity to keep nonprofits alive during coronavirus.

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the nonprofit sector is at risk of catastrophic damage to business operations caused by evaporating revenue, lack of equitable access to federal relief support, and significant disruptions in charitable giving. While unemployment is reaching record highs with millions in desperate need of assistance, the philanthropic sector is plugging holes left between the support offered by the public and private sectors. Daniel J. Cardinali, president, and CEO of the Independent Sector, a leading membership organization for the charitable industry, wants to ensure that America’s 1.5 million nonprofits receive adequate support so they can continue to provide the critical, life-sustaining support Americans need.

Cardinali believes that nonprofits are as critical to our national infrastructure as the roads and bridges that typically come to mind. From childcare to food aid, or job reskilling, nonprofits are essential to Americans’ social safety nets, cultural and spiritual enrichment, environmental stewardship, and civic infrastructure.

In cities across the U.S., nonprofits are vital in providing communities with specialized support that is exceptionally important during this pandemic. Facing a decline in funding because of COVID-19, many nonprofits must choose between staffing changes that may limit their ability to support their communities or closing their doors altogether.

“We have not just an opportunity, but an obligation to come together in support of communities across America experiencing terrible consequences due to the pandemic,” said Cardinali. “We can accomplish so much more when we come together as equal and invested partners in rebuilding America.” And so, Congress must act quickly to pass effective legislation if the nonprofit sector is to withstand the challenges it faces and continue being our nation’s safety net.

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