Giving Compass' Take:

• Chris Worman explains the importance of supporting small service organizations for sustained coronavirus disaster relief.

• How important is every philanthropist in the effort to minimize coronavirus' global impact? How can you adjust your giving to keep small service organizations afloat and effective?

• Learn more about how and why you should support nonprofits today.

It is too early to understand the full impact of the current pandemic on society but with struggling healthcare systems, soaring unemployment, disrupted supply chains, mass online work, etc, it is clear that the effects of COVID-19 are going to be significant, widespread and long-term. It will be a part of the global collective memory.

TechSoup, for its part, has been thinking about how we can do our best and meet the needs expressed by thousands of NGOs attending a series of COVID-19-related webinars since the crisis began – many of whom run the risk of being relegated to secondary importance as we frame  this crisis almost exclusively in terms of public health.

These organizations provide a safety net to many. They will play an enormous role in reweaving our social fabric, healing our minds and reforming the community as we recover. They do not have tech support but need it desperately as they go online, thanks to a crisis that removes the possibility for us to exercise one of our most basic instincts in times of crisis – to come together.

This motivated us to launch a COVID-19 Response Fund through which we will increase support for small social service organizations, provide access to technology tools and free support to help those we can in terms of timing, small social service organizations dealing with the indirect impact of COVID-19 need tech support now. We have partnered with other funds more focused on cash support to help with technology. Our response is timed to serve the immediate needs expressed by the NGOs, especially those related to unexpected  technology costs as everyone is forced online. This in turn, will give us insight into how we can support through the recovery ahead.

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