The world's business environment has changed and grown over the last year, and challenges have arisen that companies need to meet if they are to remain successful. Nonprofits have faced their shares of ups and downs in recent years, but many of them have managed to weather the storm successfully.

However, the current global situation may lead to a different outcome if organizations aren't adequately prepared to deal with it. But how does a nonprofit know what these challenges are and combat them? Ten leaders from Forbes Nonprofit Council discuss these major global challenges and suggest ways organizations can rise to the challenge of overcoming them.

  1. Health Disparities And Income Inequality
  2. The Epidemic Of Loneliness
  3. Dismantling White Supremacy
  4. Limitations Of Remote Work
  5. Cross-Border Collaboration
  6. Food Shortages
  7. Lack Of Education Resources
  8. Navigating Different Regional Regulations
  9. Keeping Stakeholder Privacy Safe
  10. Different Pandemic Stages Globally

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