Today, there is a great deal of awareness and concern about the environment sweeping through all 50 states.

General Motors today is one of the leading companies in this realm, with their RE100 commitment to renewable power, their innovative line of electrified vehicles, and their unparalleled commitment to waste-free facilities. Perhaps no one at GM exemplifies their commitment to the sustainable practice of business than their zero-waste guru, John Bradburn.

Whether it’s re-purposing old concrete for new walkways, to cleaning rags for reuse, or donating empty battery containers for use as nesting boxes for wood ducks, Bradburn and his team have an inexhaustible enthusiasm for finding a place for every resource for which no place had previously existed.

Their passion extends to the issue of “global turbulence” which Bradburn aims to reduce, while also retrieving some of the stray materials that result from it.

His team has held “zero-waste events” that retrieved waste from the flooded Ohio River (mostly water bottles), as well as old tires from the Mississippi. The water bottles became new water bottles. GM has also used water bottles for air filtration elements to protect workers, sound proofing for vehicles, or insulation to make outerwear for the homeless.

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