Giving Compass' Take:

• Here are a few major takeaways from the 2019 National Conference on Ending Homelessness, focusing on topics such as affordable housing, racial equity, and advocacy.

• How are donors working on ending homelessness efforts? What approach seems to be the most effective? 

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Each year, the Alliance’s staff – like so many of you – leaves the National Conference on Ending Homelessness and Capitol Hill Day ready to renew our commitment to our mission. As we reflect on everything we heard, here are the major takeaways from the conference:

Affordable Housing 

Affordable housing is always an issue, but there is now greater urgency than ever: people with low incomes in every state are struggling to access safe, affordable places to live, and this has a direct impact on inflow into homelessness.

Housing First

Housing First works – and people working in this field know it and are steadfastly committed to it. There are threats to Housing First coming from the administration, and we pledge to work as hard as we can to oppose them.

Lowering Barriers 

Many conversations at the conference focused on low-barrier shelter, and how to create systems that are truly accessible to all. This is a challenge for many communities, but we can see the results when everyone commits to identifying and eliminating the barriers that exist in our systems.

Racial Equity 

Achieving racial equity requires awareness of the impacts of racism not only on systems that leave people homeless, but on every facet of programming within the homelessness system.

Collaboration with Partners

We need to be aware of the stake that others have in solutions to homelessness: regional and agency partners like local governments, emergency management response, and health care systems.

Use Your Data 

Data is your friend. If you know how to track and use data, it will allow you to allocate your resources in the smartest ways possible.

Your Advocacy is Critical

It is time to hold elected officials accountable. It’s their job to solve systemic social problems, and we need your advocacy to remind them of this.

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