Brenda used to sell curtains door to door in Nairobi, Kenya, but she dreamed of opening her own storefront. She had a college education, but no credit history and little chance of winning approval for a bank loan to start her business. What she did have was a mobile phone.

It turns out that the thousands of different interactions that Brenda, or anyone in Nairobi, has with her mobile phone can paint a picture of how likely she is to repay a loan. What time of day does she make most of her calls? If she places fewer than 30% of her calls between 9 PM and midnight, the odds that she will repay a small loan increase by 18%. What apps does she have? If she has more than 23 social media applications, she is 20% less likely to repay a loan. But if she has fewer than 10, her repayment rate increases.

The World Bank Global Findex Database reports that two billion adults do not have a bank account, let alone a FICO or other score rating their creditworthiness.

A raft of alternative credit-scoring startups are ready to help them. Tala, a data-science startup headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., uses more than 10,000 data points to construct financial identities for people who have no traditional credit history.

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