The pandemic has now taken the pole position; it will be the new reference point for the evolution of public schooling, and changes as a result of COVID-19 will be more rapid and far-reaching than any measures of the past 37 years.

From fiscal restructurings to fresh configurations, from a renewed focus on vouchers to millions of new homeschoolers, there is no going back to a pre-COVID world for public education. And while the evolution will be messy, adversarial, and varied across the country, the results will be greater options for children and families and education structures that reflect the society they serve. Here are seven areas of coming change:

  1. Remote Learning Is Here to Stay
  2. School Choice and Vouchers Will Blossom
  3. Homeschooling Will Mushroom
  4. Sport Will Uncouple from Schools
  5. Teachers Unions Will Shrink
  6. Public-Private Partnerships Will Flourish
  7. Mass Customization of Schooling Will Be the Norm

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