The world of art needs more social enterprise, and the world of social enterprise needs more art. Ever since the World Economic Forum’s Cultural Leaders network and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship launched the Centred-Self collaboration earlier this year, it struck us that both fields have only just scratched the surface of how interacting with one other could lead world-changing breakthroughs.

The Schwab Foundation’s community of leading social innovators and the Forum’s Cultural leaders’ network can serve as role models who are leveraging the power of creativity and storytelling to address the world’s greatest problems.
Here are five initiatives from the Schwab Foundation community and the Forum’s Cultural Leaders network that showcase how arts and culture serve as a force for social change.

As we continue to bring together both these networks of passionate, driven individuals using their ingenuity to tackle the world’s greatest problems, we are proud to provide them with a safe space to get inspired, lead with empathy and discuss their unique challenges as they continue driving change.

Read the full article about arts and culture as a force for social change by Pavitra Raja and Linda Peterhans at World Economic Forum.