Giving Compass' Take:

• Here are some insights on where arts organizations are struggling right now and gaps for donors to fill and participate. 

• How are you supporting the arts during this time? 

• Read about increasing your payout during COVID-19. 

We are definitely in some uncharted territory.

Over the past weeks, I have been focusing on two things: checking in with family, friends, colleagues on their health and safety, and working with members of the cultural sector — including philanthropists, institutional leaders and development directors. We have been focusing on what to do immediately, and how to best navigate this unprecedented moment.

I am relieved and happy to report that many cultural donors are doing what organizations would most hope for: asking institutions what they need. Trustees and major donors are confirming their passion for, confidence in, and allegiance to organizations. This is providing a sense of calm and optimism during this chaotic time.

This is a first step, and one that should be taken immediately. When we look to the near future, and subsequently the long-term, what can arts supporters do to help keep the sector alive?

The most helpful thing institutional donors can do right now — and what I encourage philanthropists to do immediately — is to indeed maintain and communicate their support for the organizations with which they are affiliated. Ask organizations what they most need right now.

Let’s get more specific. This crisis is coming at a time when many organizations host their large annual fundraisers. These events, which are in large part being cancelled or postponed without a new date, are usually the organization’s biggest fundraising opportunities (and crucial cultivation and marketing tools).

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