Last week, AVPN hosted their 2022 Global Conference, and Alliance asked its readers what session they would like to hear about most in a poll. The winner was ‘Unmasking the influence of climate trends on Asian philanthropy’ – take a look at our conference report below.

AVPN had recently published two studies, which focused on Asian philanthropists to understand their motivations, and exploring the challenges Asian philanthropy is facing in moving into strategic climate philanthropy. The findings revealed that climate philanthropy is growing in Asia which is majorly led by European and American organisations and is secondary to development areas such as healthcare, education and livelihoods. The study highlights that there is an emerging business case to attract and use philanthropic funding as ‘catalytic capital’. The panel made up of, Benjamin Bellegy (WINGS), Xinying Tok (Carbon trust) Meg Argyriou (Climateworks Centre)  and Srinivasan Ramanujan (Villgro Innovations Foundation). Chair of the panel, Shirish Sinha (CIFF) asked the panel about what these trends are related to, what the ideas for action are, and the possible areas for collaboration.

Meg Argyriou started by stating the she does agree with the main findings of the studies and that any future giving would need to be specifically nuanced to the region. ‘There is a big history of giving in the region. There has been an increase of high-net-worth individuals in the region with a tendency to focus on education. Climate matters more in Asia more than any other region of the world because of its vulnerability’.

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