Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Citizen asked chief medical officer of GSK Vaccines, Thomas Breuer, what people can do to combat vaccine misinformation. 

• Breuer says that "the anti-vax movement is problematic, but it’s not likely as large scale as it appears. Most people are open to vaccines." How can we support more available information on vaccines? 

With new funding, this vaccine initiative could save more lives. 

An estimated 2 to 3 million deaths are prevented every year thanks to immunization efforts around the world. Still, the anti-vaccine movement continues to gain momentum, and misinformation is becoming easier to access online.

We're asking Global Citizens via our Facebook group what questions they want answered, and one big question we know they've had in the past is what they, as individuals, can do to combat this kind of misinformation.

Thomas Breuer, chief medical officer of GSK Vaccines, recently penned an op-ed for the World Economic Forum entitled, "Why we need to start a new pro-vaccine movement."

The key takeaway? By starting a pro-vaccine movement, perhaps we can put an end to the anti-vaccine one.

“Currently we are using vaccine hesitancy and the anti-vax movement in one sentence,” Breuer told Global Citizen. “But for me, there’s actually a difference.”

He explained that someone who is hesitant might have questions or doubts and could be lacking in information. It won’t do any good to marginalize or attack them, he says. If you have access to information that they don’t have, share it — through a friendly conversation.

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