Black women think the federal government could do more to advance entrepreneurship opportunities, as many view launching and sustaining businesses as key to creating wealth, according to a survey from Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women investment initiative.

The survey, published Thursday, comes as the Biden administration is embarking on a weekend filled with engagements that highlight its work to improve Black Americans’ economic standing. The economy continues to rank as a main concern among Americans, according to Gallup, and only 38 percent of Black Americans believe the president’s policies have helped Black people, according to polling by The Washington Post and Ipsos.

The Biden administration last month put out a news release, touting ways it says Black Americans have benefited from its policies. It said that Black household family wealth was up 60 percent and that more than 2.5 million jobs had been created for Black Americans. The statement also cited record low unemployment rates for Black Americans, investments in small businesses and the cancellation of $160 billion in student debt.

Still, per Goldman Sachs’ survey, 63 percent of Black women think that the federal government could do more to advance entrepreneurship opportunities.

“I think Black women are looking for the federal government to give them more resources to help them start businesses and grow their businesses, whether it’s capital, access to additional education programs, and from a process standpoint, making it easier to license your business or get the permits necessary to start a business,” said Jessica Taylor, the national director of One Million Black Women.

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