Giving Compass' Take:

· This recording from Media Impact Funders talks about “infogagement," the recent collision of media and civic engagement, how technology has affected the public square, and how technology has shifted political power and affected democracy.

· How does the current commercial media ecosystem fail to serve communities equally? How can funders and philanthropists help rebuild the public square? 

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America’s public square—the institutions, networks, and spaces where Americans engage in the critical issues facing our democracy—is facing a paradigm shift. A combination of economic impacts, advances in technology, and social change are re-shaping how we access and engage with the information that connects us to civic life.

Last week, Media Impact Funders and Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) brought together several thought leaders to discuss what caused this shift in the first place, and to explore ideas for reconfiguring existing institutions and building new infrastructure to ensure that the public square serves all members of our democracy.

During his introductory remarks, MIF’s Executive Director Vince Stehle acknowledged the urgency of these civic issues, and referenced an article he wrote for the Chronicle of Philanthropy on what philanthropy can do to counter the unhealthy social dynamic of commercial media companies harnessing rage for profit.

Read the full article about how funders can reinvigorate the public square by Nina Sachdev at Media Impact Funders.