Giving Compass' Take:

• The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacts organizations across the UK, but private donors and community foundations can both play roles in supporting long-term solutions. 

• How are you taking the long view when it comes to addressing the effects of COVID-19? How are you supporting organizations in your area during this time? 

•  Read more suggestions and recommendations for donors during the pandemic. 

For many charities, the effects of coronavirus have been catastrophic.

Organisations that are, at their very heart, reliant on spending time face-to-face with people – both to raise funds and deliver charitable initiatives – have had to uproot their ways of working and begin again. That’s no easy task for even the biggest, best-funded charity, let alone the many small charities and foundations with small staff numbers and little technical infrastructure.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many UK charities facing an imminent collapse, with dwindling funds and growing demand for services. Since the virus’ peak in March, the country-wide lockdown has seen hundreds of charity shops close, events cancelled and fundraising activities postponed, resulting in charities losing a significant proportion of the income they rely on to deliver.

But even as lockdown lifts and businesses reopen, charities continue to face shortfalls in funding. The abundance of emergency funding has been a relief for some charities, but still leaves many battling to meet increased demand and unmet need despite dramatic declines in income. The recovery for many charities may mean closure. As such, many have issued coronavirus emergency appeals to recoup money lost and ensure they are able to continue providing beneficiaries with support, but confidence is not high.

There is no doubt that private donors play a key role in resolving the long-term consequences of coronavirus. Beyond the strain on healthcare, there are a myriad of serious problems that have arisen, including food insecurity, the loss of jobs, and various challenges related to education and mental health.  Without private donor support the future will be bleak for many.

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