CoVid-19 has further exacerbated rates of chronic absenteeism for communities of color in places like Georgia, where African Americans represent only 30% of the population, yet comprise 80% of the CoVid-19 cases.

These numbers are daunting and can leave us feeling hopeless as educators. But there is a learning approach to narrowing the equity gap.

It’s been improving equity in education since its introduction decades ago.

Project-Based Learning.

This article will share stories behind these incredible numbers, surfacing specifically how project-based learning is improving achievement and equity for our most disadvantaged learners. We will explore 5 courageous models; 5 transformative project-based experiences; and 5 disadvantaged groups.

  1. First Generation Graduates, Social Justice Projects, and Communities of Colour at High Tech High  (Secondary)
  2. Vocational Training, CoVid Sensor Industry Projects, and ‘Band III’ Learners at Vocational Training Council (Post-Secondary)
  3. College Attendance, 7 Am Flash Mobs and Theater Projects, and Low-Income Communities in the ‘Hood of San Diego’
  4. Learning Communities, Urban Farming Projects, and increased confidence and language acquisition for Second Language Learners
  5. A Writing tool for transformational learning. Students speak, interview others & collect content into published books, for literacy, engagement & wellbeing.

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