With a strong volunteer program, you can connect with supporters who are passionate about your cause, get assistance in delivering your mission and services to beneficiaries, and even discover more potential donors.

To run a successful volunteer program that helps you reap all of these benefits, you’ll need the right technology on your side. In this quick guide, we’ll look at five ways you can use technology to inspire, recruit, and retain your volunteers, ultimately improving your program for the long haul and strengthening relationships with your supporters. Let’s begin.

  1. Use customized and integrated software.
  2. Focus on segmenting your supporter list.
  3. Personalize your engagement with volunteers.
  4.  Streamline the volunteer application process.
  5. Use other technology tools to boost volunteer engagement.

If you find yourself wondering how your specific technology tools can support your efforts to more fully engage your community of volunteers, consider consulting a nonprofit technology specialist. These experts know how to take a critical look at your technology stack and the strategies it’s supporting. From there, they can give you tailored recommendations for improvements that will lead to sustained success for you and your volunteers.

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