“Traditional” leadership has come to be associated with people who embody endless strength, aren’t swayed by emotion and can do everything without help from others. Countless leaders exhibiting these traits have gone on to do great things, but the unseen consequences of these stereotypes include alienation of certain types of people from leadership roles and leaders holding themselves to impossibly high standards.

To break away from these notions, leaders today can play a pivotal role in locating emerging talent with leadership potential. Below, 15 members of Forbes Nonprofit Council each share one step organizations can take to find, hire and nurture emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector.

  1. Clearly Define Essential Leadership Traits
  2.  Design Inclusive Recruiting Practices
  3. Take Stock Of People From Underrepresented Backgrounds
  4.  Look Closely At Innate Qualities
  5. Assess Their Instincts
  6. Hire With Future Capabilities In Mind
  7. Foster Continuous Learning
  8. Make Yourself A Resource
  9. Encourage A Culture Of Creativity And Imagination
  10. Seek Authentic Communication And Critical Thinking
  11. Study How They Gain Support And Handle Conflict
  12. Look For A Desire To Help
  13. Determine Their Ability To Step Up And Step Back
  14. Examine Their Response To Uncomfortable Conversations
  15. Observe And Analyze Your Team

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