Before you post a volunteer opportunity, however, it’s important to identify your department or program’s needs. Once you do, it’s time to write your volunteer opportunity, or appeal. Think of this as your organization’s cover letter.

Check out these tips for writing a compelling volunteer opportunity.

  • Know Your Audience: 
    • Before you begin writing, understand your who your ideal volunteer would be—what might their motivations or intentions look like? Start with your goals and work backward.
  • Make It About Them:
    • You may already know to mention how this role will impact your mission or organization, but it’s just as compelling to include how it might benefit your volunteers, too.
    • Most applicants are looking for transformative opportunities, so your appeal should clearly illustrate the difference volunteers create.
  • Invite Collaboration, Excitement:
    • Your volunteer opportunity title and description should appeal to the ethos, pathos, and logos—or ethics, empathy, and logic—of your readers. When you give volunteers the freedom to come up with new and creative solutions, they feel like they’re part of the difference.
  • Keep It Light, Brief, and Straightforward:
    • A well-written volunteer opportunity title and description let volunteers know exactly what’s expected of them. Use short, succinct sentences to address the responsibilities of the role and clearly outline expectations. Avoid lengthy paragraphs with needlessly professional jargon, and limit your opportunity to 100 words or less.

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