At The Learning Accelerator, we believe an inclusive and welcoming environment is critical to push learning forward and create spaces that allow students and educators alike to engage, grow, and develop as members of our local and global communities. The classroom should be a safe place for all students and faculty, no matter how they identify. While our celebration of Pride Month has come to a close, it is important that we continue to support students and faculty that represent the LGBTQ+ community throughout the entire year.

So, how can you take steps to ensure students who identify as LGBTQ+ are supported? Here are some ideas and strategies to consider.

  • Expand your awareness, particularly with regard to gender role and gender expression norms, as well as any potential internalized bias you may have developed.

  • Use more inclusive vocabulary in the classroom. 

  • Promptly deal with any homophobic or disparaging comments made by students or staff members at your school.

  • Use visual representations, like stickers or posters, to mark your classroom as a safe space. 

  • Take advantage of any chances for personal or professional growth.

Effectively supporting LGBTQ+ faculty begins in the hands of leaders. When leaders model inclusive support, they can help others in their system become more aware and educated, and they set the tone for an environment that is welcoming toward new ideas, deeper understanding, and authentic collaboration. How can you support staff who are part of the LGBTQ+ community?

  • Be outspoken and active with your allyship to support the wellbeing of your LGBTQ+ team members.

  • Speak up for the rights of your LGBTQ+ staff members when you hear about or observe discrimination or harassment. 

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