The pandemic has ravaged industries, causing unemployment numbers to reach record highs. While everyone has experienced the challenges brought on by Covid-19, women and people of color have been hit harder both economically and socially. A year later, 2.4 million women left the workforce with little prospect of returning.

Women made up less than 25% of the tech workforce, and women of color just 18%, prior to the pandemic. Considering the low numbers of women working in the tech industry, the loss of women in the workforce along with the "Great Resignation" is concerning.

Organizations must confront the harsh realities of the recent pandemic to counter this, in addition to their current workplace cultures. They need to be intentional in how they bring women back and in better situations than before.

Here are a few steps leaders can take to support women in the workplace:

  • Understand and adapt to changes in lifestyle.
  • Continue professional development.
  • Support parents and childcare.
  • Recruit and mentor while providing a community.
  • Reinvent perks to support remote culture.
  • Support time off.
  • Invest in leadership.

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