Giving Compass' Take:

• At the event Quality Jobs for All: What Would It Take?, a series of discussions led many panelists to discover multiple vehicles for providing high-quality jobs in America. 

• One of the ways is through investment in workforce development. What workforce development programs exist in your community? 

• Check out the Giving Compass Workforce Development guide for donors. 

Although unemployment in America is at a near-historic low, the wealth gap keeps growing. It seems that even though many people have jobs, their jobs simply aren’t giving them what they need in terms of long-term financial security, good benefits, and potential for growth. What will it take to make sure everyone in America has a high-quality job?

In an event hosted on June 13 by the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) and the Urban Institute, speakers provided their answers to that question. The event (Quality Jobs for All: What Would It Take?) was a part of Working in America, a series of discussions hosted by EOP to address the issues that face low- and moderate-income Americans and to discuss ideas for expanding economic opportunities for working people.

Together, the panelists determined a set of directives for policymakers, business owners, and consumers for how we can help lead the way toward a future with quality jobs for all:

  • Institute better paid leave policies
  • Better and more accessible benefits
  • Eliminate education and employment barriers
  • Businesses should invest in workforce development
  • For consumers: shop local

Read the full article about how to increase more high-quality jobs by Sophia Rivera-Silverstein at The Aspen Institute.