Giving Compass' Take:

• Megan Giller at Forbes Magazine interviews the co-founders of National Muffin Day who discuss their goals to raise awareness for homelessness by distributing muffins through this fun philanthropic "holiday."

• How can philanthropists clarify their intentions and missions to create a successful venture? How can others get inspired to use social media platform to spread joy and give back? 

• Read about clarifying your philanthropic purpose here. 

Sunday, February 24 marks the fifth annual National Muffin Day. Now, before you write this off as another random holiday, take note that this one is all for charity. The idea, said co-founder Julia Levy, is to “raise awareness of the issues faced by people experiencing homelessness and spread kindness with delicious, homemade muffins.”

Along with co-founder Jacob “Muffin Man” Kaufman, Levy asks participants to bake muffins, distribute them to those experiencing homelessness (either directly or by donating to a shelter), and share their experience on social media with #givemuffins. For every baker who participates, $40 will be donated to National Muffin Day’s designated beneficiaries: Project Homeless Connect and Family Promise.

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