Hurricane Harvey hit the coastal city of Rockport, Texas as a Category 4 storm on Friday, Aug. 25, 2017. It stalled over southeast Texas as a downgraded tropical storm and is expected to linger over the Gulf Coast, causing torrential rain and life-threatening flooding.

Q: How is Hurricane Harvey impacting the region?
A: There have been several hurricane-related deaths in Texas, and the storm has caused widespread flooding and billions of dollars of damage to homes, property, and infrastructure in southeast Texas. It’s expected to inflict life-threatening flooding and damage in other Gulf Coast states, such as Louisiana. First responders have described it as one of the worst natural disasters to hit the United States and have compared the level of devastation to Hurricane Katrina.

Q: How do you choose which nonprofits to support through the fund?
A: We support organizations that GlobalGiving has established relationships with in the disaster-affected region. In special cases, like Hurricane Harvey, we also reach out to reputable, local organizations that are not yet in the GlobalGiving network to ensure our donors’ funds are addressing as many urgent and long-term needs as possible. In these special cases, all organizations still go through GlobalGiving’s extensive vetting processes, as well as additional review of their disaster response work, and we trust selected organizations to make the best decisions on the ground.

Q: Can I donate goods, such as bottled water or medical supplies, through GlobalGiving to support relief efforts?
A: Thank you very much for your desire to give what you have in order to help survivors in the Gulf Coast region. GlobalGiving does not have the capacity to collect in-kind donations on behalf of our nonprofit partners. Along with the Center for International Disaster Information, we recommend that individuals give cash, rather than in-kind donations, after disasters. Through cash contributions, relief organizations can do more good for more people, with greater speed and sensitivity than with unrequested material donations. Cash donations provide medical and other life-saving services now, and rebuild infrastructure later. This interesting infographic helps explain why sending material goods, despite the good intentions, can be costly and sometimes harmful. If you are with a company looking to donate in-kind supplies in bulk, visit

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