Sometimes you have to be a little absurd to make a point. Or maybe not really all that absurd. Vu Le is a nonprofit leader and blogger with a Twitter handle @nonprofitwithballs, that probably tells you about all you need to know.

If you ever sat in the dark for hours listening to REM and eating Otter Pops and wondering what it would like for a large for-profit like Apple to have to run like a nonprofit, wonder no more!

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He's also a truth-teller with over 10,000 Twitter followers and we need more like him. He's like every nonprofit leader, i.e. they gotta be nice to the funders, but philanthropists do things that just don't make sense or, even worse, are detrimental to the very cause they are hoping to support.

So Vu uses humor, mixing in candor (enough but not too much), to make a point that about a million of his peers are thinking but don't want to say out loud. And he did it again. Take the time to read this, have a laugh, and then think about what he's saying that can help your giving be more effective, more impact-driven. And then share it with your friends and become his 10,001-st Follower

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