According to Dr. John F. Pane, a senior scientist at the RAND Corporation, there are four reasons why data is crucial for personal learning in the classroom:

1. With data, learning is individualized

Every student is different and every student needs to learn at their own pace and utilize strategies best suited for them. Personal data helps educators understand where to start and how to enable students to reach their potential.

2. With data, learning continues outside the classroom

When students and families discover the best way the students learns, they can personalize the learning. And outside the classroom they are more likely to incorporate that method into normal day to day activates and further learning.

3. With data, students are partners in their own learning

Data helps students understand themselves better. They understand how to acquire a deeper understanding of the materials. They are in charge of their own education. They choose how they want to learn.

4. With data, learning is about mastery, not the time spent in class

Data is about exploring and learning. It is collecting information on how the student best learns. Time spent inside a classroom is not always well spent on learning.

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