Working with numerous philanthropists, millionaires, and billionaires around the world - most of whom are entrepreneurs of diverse professions and skills - has left a great impression on me. It changed me and changed my life. Yet, even with this great impact on my life, I was not prepared for the profound influence the act of giving has on the philanthropists themselves.

According to my experience, the more we know how saving lives impacts philanthropists, the more they will engage in improving the lives of others.

Also, you can learn directly from one of my favorite philanthropists, the legendary composer of the music for the Lion King.However in 2018, if you ask Elton John who he is, he gives response something like the following: I am a philanthropist who cares deeply about others. This is the first priority in life. This is what makes me happy. I am also a musician.

Here are a few points I would like to make about how those entrepreneurs I have worked with see the intersection of entrepreneurship and social good:

  • Social good is not new business waiting for entrepreneurs; there is no financial growth to be so very proud of.
  • Social good is fertile land waiting for the creative entrepreneur to make her/his difference in a big way.
  • Social good could be seen as a new son/daughter — a description I once heard a multi-billionaire use to talk about his newly developed philanthropy.
  • Social good as family is a new way to better explain the scale of the impact; it certainly portrays the emotional impact, scale and connections.
  •  Social good has nothing to do with the specific things entrepreneurs search for.

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