A board of directors plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of an organization, especially in the nonprofit sector. Boards provide governance and oversight, ensuring that the organization operates in accordance with its mission, values and legal obligations. Board members bring diverse skills, expertise and professional experiences to the table, so it is important to leverage the unique experiences of your board to your fullest advantage.

An especially important role that board members play is goal setting. Boards contribute to the development of the organization's long-term strategy and vision. They help set goals, prioritize initiatives and ensure alignment with the organization's mission. At the beginning of the new year, goal setting is especially important. This period provides an opportunity for organizations to look back on the year behind and create a plan for growth and improvement in the year ahead, so it is also the perfect time to establish a partnership that will foster the greatest success.

I've been working with a board of directors for 17 years. I'm proud to say that my working relationship with my board is one full of trust and collaboration, but it takes effort to get there.

Below are my top five tips for strong collaboration with your board:

  1. Clear Communication
  2.  Define Roles And Expectations
  3. Focus On Relationships
  4. Seek Their Expertise
  5. Set Up Feedback Mechanisms

By building strong relationships, maintaining open communication and leveraging the unique strengths of your board members, you can create a collaborative and successful partnership for the benefit of your organization. It takes time, but your nonprofit organization will function with tremendous ease when you find the balance of advisory and partnership.

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