The 2021 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) went virtual this year with nearly 150 live, interactive sessions, thought-provoking and inspiring keynote speakers, and opportunities to connect with the community. In case you weren’t able to attend, we wanted to share a few key takeaways from the conference. Keep reading for insights from five NTC presentations.

  • ONE: Best Practices for Building a Nonprofit Data Science Team 
    Many social good organizations recognize the value of data and analytics, but few have experience building out an organization’s data science capacity in a way that supports all of its strategic goals.
  • TWO: Impact Stories: Combining Stories and Data to Better Prove Impact  
    The services that nonprofits provide are life-changing. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to capture, interpret and utilize their life-changing data in a meaningful way. We use impact stories to apply data that validates a specific and measurable variable that has been moved by these actions. So, how do we effectively demonstrate impact?
  • THREE: Talking About Mental Health in a Virtual Workplace 
    Half of all people are reporting mental health symptoms during the pandemic. Do you know how to discuss this challenging topic in a virtual world? If not, you aren’t alone.
  • FOUR: Data Sharing: What, Why and How 
    Across the nonprofit sector, there is growing interest in pooling together data to solve shared problems. The sharing of data with partner organizations, researchers and funders has the potential to allow nonprofits greater insights and evidence that will help them achieve their shared goals.
  • FIVE: Digital Maturity: How Will You Know When You Get There? 
    Almost 30 years into the web, organizations have radically transformed to incorporate a new digital reality. We’ve plunged into new channels (first websites and email, then social, mobile, text, ads, voice, and the beat goes on). We’ve hired digital staff and built departments (once just webmasters, now digital campaigners, content strategists, analysts and other specialists).

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