What does it mean to be future ready? Better yet, how can learners become future fit? The Institute for the Future (IFTF) brought together thought leaders on the future of work and learning at the Future Skills convening last week to discuss these topics.

At the event, IFTF debuted their newly released Future Skills Workout that is aimed at equipping people with skills needed “to live richer and more fulfilling lives in a society that’s undergoing unprecedented change.” LRNG was excited to be an innovation collaborator for the event.

During the convening, LRNG officially announced our partnership with IFTF that will power the creation of a series of playlists and badges to ensure youth develop competencies towards becoming #FutureFit.

At LRNG we are driven to work with cities and organizations to connect learning experiences to opportunities. Thus ensuring that all young people, especially those from underserved communities, have inspiration and guidance to prepare them for life and work in the modern economy.

There are five skills that an individual will learn as they progress through the Future Fit Workout:

  1. Make yourself known: Mastering reputation management
  2. Befriend the machine: Basics of working with artificial intelligence and simulation
  3. Build your tribe: How to build peer-to-peer communities and their importance
  4. Make sense: How to navigate in, and through, complex systems
  5. Keep it going: Reinventing how we think about business

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