The most striking thing about sitting down to chat with Liv Boeree is that she exudes an obvious sincerity and genuine longing to do good. And she has cultivated this sense of altruistic duty even while spending much of her adult life living the baller lifestyle that most of us can only dream about. You can tell her thoughts are never far from those who are less fortunate than she is.

I immensely enjoyed talking with Liv at the recent PokerStars Championship Barcelona, specifically her willingness to be so honest and open about how she balances her desire to have maximum altruistic impact with her desire to play and succeed at the game of poker that she clearly loves.

And then I met these effective altruists, who are all scientists, and they said if you want to do good in the world, you have to use science and numbers and look at the data. The world we live in, reality, is governed by mathematics – and the same applies to morality, really. Mathematics still applies to altruism and doing good.

But I probably do have other unique talents that are better served than me just playing poker and/or raising money through poker. I remember speaking to some effective altruists, and what I love about them is that they are so brutally honest. And one of them took me aside and said, “you need to stop. You should not be doing this.” And I feel immediate guilt. And he said “to be honest, you should be going around the world just meeting with high net worth individuals and convincing them to donate their money more effectively.”

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