Time and time again Naren has seen that organizations cannot achieve scale without “grassroots reach,” or the trust factor in a community. Therefore, SVP India seeks to partner with organizations that have strong relationships and demonstrable trust within the community they aim to serve. SVP then invests in proven or emerging leadership to enable the organizations to do what they do best, at scale.

Consistently, I heard examples of SVP India pushing its own thinking for what it could accomplish on a national scale (e.g. creating one million livelihoods in five years), what investees could accomplish in partnership with SVP (i.e. re-envisioning what is possible), and how many resources SVP could leverage. In fact, at SVP India they have established a ‘10x’ goal. They help investees strategize around,

“What if we could have 10 times the impact we are having today?”

Across investees, I witnessed deeply committed SVP Partners demonstrating sincere ownership around the success of both the partnership and the investee’s goals. This “all in” approach was truly catalytic for developing a meaningful partnership and accomplishing the goals set.

This humility, respect and optimism about the ability of all humans and organizations to identify and work towards their aspirations – given the opportunity – was tangible and inspiring, and translated to truly transformative impact for individuals and organizations in which SVP has invested.

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