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Here are five learning platforms that help educators engage and enhance learning opportunities for students.

How can donors play a role in making these online platforms accessible for more educators?

Read about the success of the classroom donation industry.

There are a lot of new tools and multi-purpose learning platforms being used by educators in classrooms around the world. Learning platforms help educators with a variety of teaching objectives and tasks, some of which may be quite time-consuming or require multiple tools or methods to complete. Fortunately, there are many versatile platforms available for educators to choose from that can facilitate many of these tasks.

When we think about implementing technology into our classrooms and schools, we should first focus on the “why.” What is the purpose for using technology? What will this technology enable us to do better, and how will it enhance the student learning experience? How is it different or better than what we are already using?

Recently I’ve learned about a few different platforms and I’ve taken some time to explore what they do and how they can be used in our schools. What makes each of these platforms unique is that they open up innovative and unique opportunities for enhancing the learning experience of our students or engaging families more in the learning process with our students.

  1. School-Family Communication: ParentSquare is a multi-purpose platform which promotes and facilitates communication and collaboration, while aiming to build a solid connection between home and the school community.
  2. Personalized Professional Development: 2gnōMe is a platform that provides personalized professional development for educators.
  3. Interactive Learning: NoteAffect is an interactive learning platform that enables educators to better understand student engagement and track student participation.
  4. Game-based learning with AI: Socrates is a unique game-based learning platform that provides a variety of games and activities for differentiating instruction.
  5. Learning in Virtual Reality: Learnroll Immerse is a virtual reality learning platform that provides access to its content through an Oculus Go headset.

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