We all anticipated that the world would be different when we returned from lock-down to (semi)normal operations. But who could have predicted the post-pandemic employment landscape in which we find ourselves? One in which:

  • Nearly 3 million women have dropped out of the labor pool
  • People continue to reevaluate their lives, choosing balance, health and family over hard-charging business priorities
  • Many low-wage jobs have moved from centralized city centers to far-reaching and less accessible locations not served by affordable transportation
  • People waiting it out in limbo to see if their old jobs will return
  • Managers and leaders in many sectors scrambling to find employees willing to take jobs

Attracting, evaluating and ultimately deciding to hire and invite new employees into the organization will always be an important leadership/managerial task. But you might find that you need to engage in that task a bit less frequently and feverishly if you are able to keep the employees you have longer.

  • Get real and rationalize the work
  • Preempt the job-packing problem
  • Help them grow or watch them go
  • Don't let showing up become a showdown 

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