In 2008 when he was 28, Miranda exploded onto the Broadway scene with his first musical, In the Heights. A love letter to Manhattan’s predominantly Dominican-American neighborhood of Washington Heights, In the Heights featured bilingual music, Latino characters whose stories had depth, and diverse talent. It was nominated for a Pulitzer and won several Tony Awards including Best Musical.  But that success was eclipsed seven years later by his most tremendous achievement to date: Hamilton: An American Musical.

I tell stories. In doing so, I create roles for actors and other storytellers.

Catchy hip-hop lyrics and a talented cast of primarily African American and Latino actors may seem like unlikely ingredients for a musical rendition of the life of Alexander Hamilton, the founding father who became the first U.S. Treasury Secretary. But Miranda saw the quintessential immigrant story in Hamilton, a penniless newcomer from the West Indies who greatly overcame his circumstances and whose face graces our $10 bill. By casting actors of color Miranda gave a meaningful nod to individuals of all backgrounds who make this country great.

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